Brave pillow

For my second semester project I worked together with Brigitte van der Lugt. We designed the Brave bag, a fashion item for  empowerment and comfort for teenage girls with scoliosis, so those who have a sideways curved spine. They have to wear a brace 18 hours per day and when sitting with the brace they… Read More

ROOMY floorplan

In the first semester, during the elective Tactile Experience, I designed for a real client for the first time; Bartiméus, a caring home for the visually impaired, which cleared up my vision and stimulated my interest in materials and in making people’s lives more comfortable. I worked together with two others and we designed a… Read More

Jukebox FLORA

Another small project I did with a fellow student, is the Jukebox FLORA, which was for the course Creative Electronics. It works like this, when hovering your hand above the flower of Bare Conductive paint, you hear different tones, as you can see in the video. During the project I found out that I could… Read More

Butterfly Bezier

In the first semester, I was introduced to Processing, during the course Creative Programming. I started playing with the promising ‘form Bezier’ until I made one of the wings and saw an abstract butterfly in it. This is a good example of one of my ideation methods, “accidental design ideation”, which is just drawing a… Read More