Spike handbag

During the course Digital Craftsmanship I made a laser cutted acrylic handbag with two others. The handbag is based on power and vengeance. The outside is dangerous and the inside contains knowledge, information about your ‘enemies’. The sublimation printed pattern, programmed in Processing, and the lasercutted and handstitched tetrahedrons are both based on the Golden… Read More


I did my internship at Material Sense LAB in Eindhoven. I focussed on the combination of materials and sustainability, since that was a still undiscovered part of my vision. I especially achieved my goals to broaden my database of materials, put interaction into practice, and gain understanding of all the aspects of circularity. Besides, I… Read More


For my second semester project I worked together with Brigitte van der Lugt. We designed the Brave bag, a fashion item for  empowerment and comfort for teenage girls with scoliosis, so those who have a sideways curved spine. They have to wear a brace 18 hours per day and when sitting with the brace they… Read More