I’m Fabienne Crans,

a Dutch designer with a background in Industrial Design, a passion for interior products and a strategic perspective. I design products for industrial production for design labels. With my creations, I like to go beyond form follows function.

I create narratives around my designs through the aesthetics, the materials and occasionally through the production process as well. My intention is to make designs that only become more fascinating the more you know about it. And I always try to take into account the sustainability of the entire product life cycle, in other words circularity.

So, product design for labels is my core focus, but I also like to think along with the strategy behind these designs. This can be as simple as a minimalistic chair or elegant kitchen accessory, but also more complex, interactive products like multifunctional lighting. When designing, I also design the experience of using a product through its materials, interactions or ambience. Therefore I divided my services or expertises as a product designer in four elements: product, interaction, and experience design, and product strategy.

Client Review

” Very nice collaboration with very inspiring designs as a result! ” – Cosun Innovation Center

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