Innovation Strategy for Concepts of Interaction

PROCESS – Innovation Strategy | Research | Co-Creation | Showroom Prototype | Co-Creation with Stakeholders | Strategy We use the power of design and interaction to improve the yachting experience, by making interactions more intuitive and seamlessly integrated with the possibility to have it custom made. On the one hand we provide Ambient Displays, either… Read More

III – Information Interaction Interiors

PROCESS – Design project | User survey | Ideation | Experience prototyping | First person perspective evaluation | Prototyping | Interview in context | Design report with guidelines Information is everywhere, and with omnipresent computing and more and more touch screens that require our focused attention, there is a need for ‘calm technology’ with less… Read More

Information Interiors

PROCESS – Research project | User interviews | Define research question | Ideation | Prototyping | Co-constructing sensitizing interviews | Research paper Designing Information Decoration for Morning Routines – Exploring the Context of Use, that is the titel of my research project. My research is about how to incorporate information in home interiors, ‘Information Decoration’,… Read More