Information Interaction Interiors

Information is everywhere, and with omnipresent computing and more and more touch screens that require our focused attention, there is a need for ‘calm technology’ with less flat and focused interactions and less distractions. With this design project, I therefore explored enriched spatial living experiences of peripheral interaction through materiality, in interior product design at… Read More

Information Interiors

Designing Information Decoration for Morning Routines – Exploring the Context of Use, that is the titel of my research project. My research is about how to incorporate information in home interiors, ‘Information Decoration’, to reduce phone usage. ‘What information’ is derived from interviews and literature research, namely weather. And the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ is… Read More

Spike handbag

During the course Digital Craftsmanship I made a laser cutted acrylic handbag with two others. The handbag is based on power and vengeance. The outside is dangerous and the inside contains knowledge, information about your ‘enemies’. The sublimation printed pattern, programmed in Processing, and the lasercutted and handstitched tetrahedrons are both based on the Golden… Read More