Doing the track Design, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DLE), I can focus on shaping my own business. I want to focus on the expertise areas Business and Entrepreneurship, and Creativity and Aesthetics. Generally, I want to use my final year to further explore Peripheral Interaction, but also apply Interactive Materiality. I especially aim to focus on interaction. In addition, I will keep on exploring Circularity.

I will either do a Project at a Company or a Project at the University. The main goal is to experience what it is like to be a freelancer for an interior design company. As Information Decoration is not applied by companies yet, I see this as a great opportunity to introduce this subject. This way I hope to give the company more than just a half year project and create a win-win situation. Depending on the company, I will decide whether to continue with the project as my graduation project. Furthermore, I hope to continue the project and realize it as a freelancer at that company. This way I can also use this project as a beneficial collaboration to kick-start my career and broaden my network as well. Besides that, I will continue to broaden my network on my own, through LinkedIn, but also through cold calling. Doing a Project at the University is my backup plan to achieve similar goals, but with a different setup, as the company will merely be involved as the client. I aim to go beyond prototyping, and really looking at and planning at how something can be produced and who would have to be involved, including the necessary Internet of Things and with that keep privacy into account. On top of that, I hope to find the right target group, early evangelists by hypothesis driven entrepreneurship and doing a deployment.

Having done all three Business and Entrepreneurship electives, I decided to take a second Creativity and Aesthetics elective, namely Matter of Transformation. I always liked the story behind designs, for instance the inspiration behind the aesthetics, therefore I wanted to explore relations between design and other disciplinary fields, to open my perspective, but also to reflect on the impact of design on society. Eventually, I hope to make a stronger story behind my future business and my designs.

For my Final Master project, I either hope to continue my Project at a Company, or continue it with the company in question as a client, or lastly I make a spin-off of it. Either way, I want to focus on interaction and explore and apply Interactive Materiality in the project. Materials are of course very important in Interior Product Design, but I want to upgrade this through interaction amongst other things. Thus, I took the elective Interactive Materiality to also bridge those two elements. As this is my final year of studying, I think this is the perfect opportunity to explore that subject and explore how promising it is to apply it.

I also plan to finalize a complete business plan for my business, for which I will ask feedback from teachers. I intent to start as a freelancer right after I graduate and the Project at a Company is a taste of that. And depending on how my final year goes, I will either continue with that project or find a part-time job that brings me closer to my goals of running my business full-time, namely through gaining experience, and broadening my network. Besides a business plan, I will finalize a branding package of a website and video for my portfolio as a freelancer. Lastly, I will fine-tune my vision and identity.

Future goals

To have a look into design of other cultures and for inspiration, I will visit design weeks all over the world. Next to that, I want to explore nature and cultures from other countries and get inspiration with regard to aesthetics and shapes for my designs. But moreover, I want to set up a company and design interior products, occasionally combined with technology, like sensors and lighting, and experiment with new materials. Besides, I want to continue with participating, and with a bit of luck eventually win, design competitions.