First of all, I will be continuing my studies at Industrial Design by doing the track Design, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DLE). I choose to continue at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, since I very much like how the curriculum is almost completely personalizable. This way I can focus on the business, while still doing a lot of design projects, and continue to explore the subjects that are initially of this faculty, like interactive materiality. I want to focus on the expertise areas Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Aesthetics, and Technology and Realization. Generally, I want to use my masters, especially the semester projects, to explore subjects around interior product design.

During my bachelor, I already focused on materials during the electives Tactile Experience and Creative Mechanical Engineering, and also during my Internship at Material Sense LAB. Materials are of course very important in interior product design, but I want to upgrade this through interaction amongst other things. However, I did not yet focus that much on interaction. Thus, I took the elective Interactive materiality to also bridge those two elements.

Elaborating on interaction, I want to focus my first master semester project on interaction in interior product design. Therefore, I chose the squad Designing for Growing Systems in the Home. I also wanted to challenge myself to do a project involving Internet of Things, because it’s becoming an inevitable development. I especially want to learn about interaction in growing systems with the rich interaction framework. Most importantly, I want to focus on realization by making a high fidelity series of prototypes and I want to use realistic production techniques and materials to make them. Also as part of the requirements in the squad, I will do a long term user study. At the end of the project I will reflect on this way of evaluating.

At the start of this project, I will again discuss goals and visions so everyone will get the most out of it. I will also continue to use business models to create focus if relevant. Towards the end, I want to be involved in the making of the product video to learn adobe premiere pro

In addition to the realization, I will keep on exploring circularity in the realization of my designs and prototypes, like in my Final Bachelor Project.

Even though I followed the course Design Innovation Methods, the USE course Patents, Design Rights, and Standards, and I participated in the TU/e Contest, I still feel a bit insecure about the business part of it all. Therefore, I want to take all three business electives: Creating Corporate Entrepreneurship to create meaningful innovations, Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship to adopt the right attitude, and Design Innovation Strategies to create a go-to-market plan.

Lastly, I will do my in-company project abroad, since I want to have an international business. I want to introduce a new subject to that company, for instance information decoration. This way I hope to give the company more than just a half year project.

Future goals

To have a look into design of other cultures and for inspiration, I will visit design weeks all over the world. Next to that, I want to explore nature and cultures from other countries and get inspiration with regard to aesthetics and shapes for my designs. Next, I want to set up a company and design interior products, occasionally combined with technology, like sensors and lighting, and experiment with new materials. Besides, I want to continue with participating, and with a bit of luck eventually win, design competitions.