As future ‘Designer of Upgraded Interior Products’ I want to design personalized living experiences of comfort and happiness by intuitive, peripheral interaction design and durable, sustainable products.”

With my brand, I want to contribute to the world of luxury interior product design through incorporating circularity to better the world of materials and products, and through interactions to bring innovation and personalization to people’s homes and companies.”


I think design should be sustainable in more ways than one, because waste is a global problem. Products should be durable by means of biodegradable materials. The process should be Fairtrade, preferably local with minimal environmental impact. Design should be emotionally durable, through personalization and other underlying meanings. And technology should be upgradable and repairable. In addition products should be modular for easy disassembly and recycling. In short, I aim to work towards a circular economy and be an example for other designers.

Besides that, screens are everywhere, everything is getting connected and there is an overload of stimuli and distractions, which also affects productivity, so it is important to get information and interaction to the background and I believe Interior Product Design is a very promising means for this. Through Peripheral Interaction design, including Information Decoration, this can move to the background of our attention and moreover blend more into people’s homes in a seamless way. On top of that, it can be used to raise awareness about nature and sustainability.

As screens are everywhere, most interactions are flat and lateral, therefore I believe they should be enriched through materiality. On top of that, interactions should be designed to be more intuitive. After all, learning interactions and for instance having to read push or pull a door is not a satisfying experience.

Interior Product Design should also fit in the life and to the personality of the residents, for instance through personalization. Besides that, I think design should make lives more comfortable and convenient. Thus, I aim to create optimal home experiences, and with that also help anyone with challenges to optimally live a regular life and enjoy their daily life, like people with bad postures or sleeplessness.

Professional identity

I always wanted to be a designer ever since I was little. I grew up with design, such as the Dr. Glob chair of Philippe Starck. Having design around me inspired me made me enthusiastic for it and I would search for hours on the internet to collect designs for inspiration. Seeing all kinds of beautiful designs made me happy and thus passionate to become a designer of such Interior Product Designs. But I want to create more than just regular design, for instance I want to help people and make their daily life more convenient and comfortable; I want to be an “Designer of Upgraded Interior Products”. And by this I mean, a designer of lightings, furniture and kitchenware with an extra function or interaction by means of sensors and other electronics and innovative lights, like the lamp by Park Jinmi and Kwak Jinsub that reduces pain from period cramps. In particular, I want to aim for the luxury segment.

To become a Designer of Upgraded Interior Products, I elaborated on many aspects around it during my studies, such as materials, tactility, light, sustainability and business. During the electives Tactile Experience and Interactive Materiality, I explored materials from a user experience point of view and by exploring the connection of materials and interaction, which can give an extra dimension to products. Being inspired by nature triggered my interest in innovative and above all sustainable materials. I elaborated more on circularity and my interest in material experience through my internship at Material Sense LAB. The series of courses Secret Life of Light introduced me to the concept of Peripheral Interaction as an interesting solution for reducing the use of screens. I also explored this further during my masters. My interest in business was sparked from the lecture on Business Model Me by Camilla van den Boom and the workshops from the TU/e Contest.

During the design process I try to find new ways and explore different perspectives to guide the process, for instance from a business perspective by filling in business models to guide the entire process. I also see projects as a means to achieve goals for the project but also for the team, I’m an achiever in that sense. In addition, I am ambitious and tend to see the bigger picture and I like to think about the next step as I also like to think about the long term benefits. Besides that, I am organized and have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to follow through even in small assignments. I always like to ideate quickly and continue with a good idea and solve the issues along the way during the conceptualization and iterate on it and only then make it into a great idea.