PROCESS – Design case | User survey | Ideation | 3D modeling | Production process plan | Business plan | Pitch

I learned about the potential production methods and pitched this project during the ID Connect Talkshow.

‘Can you design around outdoor lightchains?’ That was the question for the design case from Signify. I started with a small survey. It was mentioned that they all “look the same”, it’s “a pain to install”, it should be “eco-friendly”, and “I don’t think I’d like how they would look in my house.” Based on that, I designed Lightbranch. Lichtbranch is a versatile case for LED chains that is used indoors. It consists of two halves that are connected via magnets. The light chain is then hanged up inside of it, as an elegant solution to store a light chain. The aesthetics was inspired by a branch with flower buds. This contrasting new style brings together the shapelessness of the flexible LED chains with minimalistic, biophilic design and it becomes an eye catcher for your home.

I mostly learned about the production process. I talked to a few experts and build a plan around Lightbranch. The lamp is 1.70 meter and would be made of lightweighted recycled aluminum. The aluminum case can be extruded and cold deformed through conical rolling. The green flower buds will be 3D printed at Signify from a environmently friendly filament based on algae with PLA. 3D printing also makes it easy to customize in terms of color, and even shape in a second version. Then a business plan draft was made, including a calculated estimation for the costs for the production and the revenue.

This project was part of the ID Connect Talkshow with three different design cases by DLL, Canon and Signify. I participated in the design case from Signify and won. So, I pitched my project as one of the three finalists. The event was live broadcasted and can be seen on YouTube; It’s my turn at 1:13:00.

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