PROCESS – Research project | User interviews | Define research question | Ideation | Prototyping | Co-constructing sensitizing interviews | Research paper

I did research into information in interiors and how this can fit in morning routines.

Designing Information Decoration for Morning Routines – Exploring the Context of Use, that is the titel of my research project. My research is about how to incorporate information in home interiors, ‘Information Decoration’, to reduce phone usage. ‘What information’ is derived from interviews and literature research, namely weather. And the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ is tested through two co-constructing sensitizing interviews, through scenarios and design prototypes (carpet, sound, mirror, clock), with in between a routine tracking assignment. My study shows what should be taking into account to seamlessly integrate Information Decoration in morning routines, e.g. the state of mind (how awake you are, timing for taking action), the contact time in the routine and for the information, combinability with activities without being a new action, and therefore also versatility for preference when and where to implement. Through information decoration at home, phone usage in the morning can be reduced, while still receiving important information but in an unobtrusive way.

During this project I especially learned more about how to set up a good research, and how to set up user tests when working from home. I used scenarios to let the participants get familiar with and imagine the prototypes in context, as they could not experience them in person. In the beginning I got more familiar in mapping out the As-is customer journey map. I also used business models to help me focus the project, which may be unusual, but I figured the purpose of for instance the Golden Circle is to focus and concretize, which can be helpful in research as well. On top of that, I elaborated on my video making skills, by making a trailer to trigger interest for the Demo Day.

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