PROCESS – Conceptual design project | User survey | Explorative Ideation | Interview | Design report | Exhibition

This project was part of the Design United Exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2019.

During my Final Bachelor Project, I designed and made Myshell. Myshell is a personalized shell, which is something to hold on to and relax with in a future where owning is a luxury and sharing is universal. The soft sound is based on memories, recordings from in this case the beach in the Netherlands. The speaker is embroidered in fish leather, provided by NYVIDD, and the shell would be made of 3D printed glass from locally retrieved sand. This way a memory is made tangible. The soft sound creates a personal moment of comfort, enhanced by the interaction which is close to your ear.

At the “Luxe?” exposition in CUBE design museum, it was mentioned that cars and houses will be shared, and owning will become a luxury. But there is also another perspective on reducing waste, and that is by emotionally durable design and circularity. Myshell creates awareness on the two perspectives and looks at how they can coexist.

I want to design personalized living experiences of comfort and happiness by intuitive interaction design and durable, sustainable products. Therefore, I used this project to put my vision into practice with a perspective to the future. Doing my Final Bachelor Project in the squad Crafting Everyday Soft Things helped me in my just-do-it mentality, through being more hands-on and working with a material approach. This way I got more results, which gave me more confidence in the project.

I especially enjoyed working with ‘new’ and environmentally friendly materials, like fish leather which is a waste product, and I will continue to do so in future projects. I was able to collaborate with experts and material suppliers; NYVIDD for fish leather and a squad liaison from Signify for the 3D printed polycarbonate. Besides some acquisition for the material fish leather, I also did some PR for the demo day by inviting some people from my network.

The final concept is inspired on the themes derived from the questionnaire results, for which I used color coding to make sense of the data. I made a ‘decision tree’ to let all the aspects come together into a final concept. I like to use a lot of models and also tweak them. Though it is a design project, research questions were set up as a tool for evaluating. Throughout the process, I also used business models like the Golden Circle and Value Proposition Canvas. During this project I spend a lot of time getting familiar with SolidWorks and also Cura for 3D printing, which was one of my biggest goals. Besides that, I also explored with ideation methods, like research ideation, embodied and movement based ideation, and nature inspired ideation. Eventually research and questionnaire based ideation made me come up with the final concept. I used a QOC-matrix to choose a concept to continue with in the first iteration.

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