Photo source: Bangladesh Fashionology Summit 2019

Together you developed an outfit with a level of quality that was high enough to show at the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit 2019. Despite the extra workload you kept going. It’s good that you see where the opportunities are in which you can achieve more than you would normally do.” – LABELEDBY.

After having participated in a fashion workshop by LABELEDBY., I finished the fashion piece for the Digital Tech Runway at the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit. Together with Luca van Breda, we designed and made a fashion outfit inspired on Dutch Ceramics. This is especially visible in the dynamic skirt with the flowers. My contribution was the collar made with gold colored naturally, Mimosa, tanned salmon leather from NYVIDD, with the gill-like feature on a crop top to accentuate this and connect the pieces together. Never having made a fashion piece to making a catwalk piece in three weeks, I gained a lot of skills; I learned to make patterns for the top and collar from scratch and I learned sublimation printing for the blue patterns. Besides, I improved on my sewing skills. Troughout the project, I especially adopted the hands-on approach to make design decisions.

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