For my second semester project I worked together with Brigitte van der Lugt. We designed the Brave bag, a fashion item for  empowerment and comfort for teenage girls with scoliosis, so those who have a sideways curved spine. They have to wear a brace 18 hours per day and when sitting with the brace they are pushed forward which causes pressure to their groin, because the backside of the brace is too long. The Brave bag solves that. It is personalized, medical pillow within a fashion item. It can easily be taken from class to class or elsewhere, simply take the inner bag out and sit on the outer one with the incorporated sloped pillow. This way, they won’t draw more attention to their brace. Moreover, they can easily start a conversation about it and actually be proud of their fashionable accessory. This project was done by consulting with a variety of stakeholders; professors from UMC Utrecht and Maastricht UMC, bracemaker from Sint Maartenkliniek, FITED. That is also the biggest learning point; working with stakeholders and designing with their needs in mind.

Later on, I decided to elaborate on this project, by participating to the TU/e contest, a contest on pitching and business. I elaborated on the project by making it into a website where teenagers with scoliosis can buy products of empowerment and comfort.

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